5 Products I Live By. Seriously, they keep me alive.

In order to feel somewhat human between the moments of keeping the kids happy and fed, maintaining a house that doesn’t totally look like a hurricane ran through it, oh and working, I find these 5 products are non-negotiable.


  1. IT Cosmetics, Your Skin But Better CC+ Illumination Cream with SPF 50+

Image result for It cosmetics cc illumination

This is a newly discovered product of mine, but I am completely sold on it!

Once summer was undoubtedly upon us, the kids always wanted to be outside which also meant I needed to be outside – and fast! So I was on the hunt for something with coverage AND SPF, in one stop.

I tried a drugstore brand before I made the investment in the more expensive brand, IT Cosmetics, and I really really hoped I would be pleasantly surprised with the $12 product…but to my dismay it did not win me over whatsoever. It was a very unflatering light shade (I’m translucent enough thanks!), it had a perfumy scent and to top it off there was a burning sensation around the sensitive eye area!

So I made a(nother) late night Sephora order from my bed and anticipated the arrival of the “product of my dreams,” (according to the reviews).

Well, I LOVE this stuff! It’s like liquid gold, for your face. Goes on like butter, no smell, no burning, perfect amount of coverage, quick and dirty application (fingers all the way!) Oh and the BEST part – It has SPF 50. No need to worry about a sunglasses sunburn anymore!


2. Evo Fabuloso, Colour Intensifying Conditioner

My sister introduced me to this conditioner a few years ago and I haven’t looked back since. (ok maybe for a brief moment, but it only made me realize how good this stuff is!)

I’ve been getting blonde hi-lites done for I don’t even know how many years now but I don’t like to colour my hair too often mostly because my bank account can’t handle that kind of commitment. Not to mention it’s hard to find the time to go sit at the salon for 3 hours more that twice a year. So I usually get my hair done in the Fall and in Spring and try to stretch it out and make it last.

Fabuloso was a game changer for making that happen. It’s more of a toner than anything else, so much so that it advises to wear gloves when you use it, but really…who has time for that? I have never donned a pair of gloves when applying this purple magic but knock yourself out. This will instantly brighten your blonde and definitely takes away the brassy tones leaving you with hair that looks almost as great as it did when you last left the salon.

They make conditioners for 6 different hair colours; Platinum Blonde, Light Beige, Caramel, Copper, Purple Red and Chestnut. I usually order mine online via Amazon. Here’s a link to order the Platinum Blonde conditioner. (the bottle sometimes looks different, but the insides are all the same!) I’m curious as to if the conditioners for the other hair colours are equally as amazing…anyone tried them?



3. Lush Cosmetics, Buffy, Body Butter


This is another newbie I’ve recently welcomed into my shower and I hope it is here to stay. This bar is the perfect combination of grit and creamy goodness. The smell is not overpowering at all and it is so easy to use. Just before you’re about to end your shower, rub this anywhere and everywhere. It feels heavenly! Not only did you just exfoliate, but you are also already moisturized. – Bonus! I cannot say enough how great this feels.


4. Benefit Cosmetics, Goof Proof Brow Pencil Shape & Fill

About 3 years ago now I sought out some brow rehab from a small day spa I came across on Instagram. After just one appointment I was hooked on eyebrow maintenance. Nice brows can completely change a persons’ look – COMPLETELY. I rarely go anywhere now without touching up my eyebrows first. Don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms about going out in public without makeup on however if I only have the time to apply ONE makeup product it would definltely be this. goof proof eyebrow pencilThe shape of the pencil is what I love most, it makes application so seamless and “Goof Proof”. Plus it has the added bonus of having a spoolie-brush on the other end for grooming. It lasts a long time too!! oh and you don’t have to ever sharpen it! but really, you don’t.


5. Living Proof, Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Image result for living proof dry shampooTHIS, CHANGED. MY. LIFE. I’m not joking. This product, also introduced to me by my sister, was a serious GAME CHANGER for me. Before I had my daughter I was a person who had to wash my hair every.single.day. I’ve always had long hair so the process…ohhhh the process involved with washing my hair, I would dread it! I would have to wake up so early to be ready for work or would be up late showering and going to bed with wet hair to try to give myself an extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning. I had tried other drugstore brand dry shampoos and I HATED the way they made my hair feel. I found it felt more gross than second day hair so I really didn’t see the point. Then this can of angel dust appeared. I only wash my hair twice a week now, maybe three times if the hair washing schedule doesn’t jive with my social life (when it happens). This dry shampoo has saved me so much time, I can’t even begin to explain. But I’ll try…my morning showers now consist of a shower cap, hot water, bodywash  and a loufa and 5 minutes later I’m getting dressed. I would order this stuff by the case if I could, but I’ve settled for ordering 2-3 cans at a time because I don’t ever want to run out of this! Oh and another added bonus…because I wash my hair less…my colour last longer as well! Yay!! It is definitely more expensive that drugstore dry shampoo but when you consider the time is saves and the money on hi-lights/colour you save how can you deny it!


Give some or all of these products a try! Maybe they’ll help you how they help me. If not…I won’t be giving you your money back or anything but at least we tried…right?



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