Working Out, kinda sorta.

For the last 3 months or so I told myself I would make more of an effort to get off the couch. It’s not easy…and most days I hated myself for accepting this personal challenge of mine. But I just wanted to have more energy, feel more productive and try to manage my mental health more proactively. So most nights, I didn’t plop my ass on the couch after the kids were in bed, I put on my lululemon uniform and worked out.

After I had my daughter, I worked out with a personal trainer, Elaan at Acceleration Fitness Centre for a couple months, 3 times a week. I asked Elaan to teach me the basics, a little bit of everything so I could feel comfortable working out in a gym or from home. She was AMAZING. After training with her I definitely felt more knowledgeable about fitness, I had more energy and I felt so much stronger. I still fall back on the knowledge she shared with me and am so thankful I was able to train with her, even if it was only for a short time!

If you’ve ever wanted to workout with a trainer, I cannot recommend Elaan enough! She was so motivating, accommodating and encouraging; spending an hour at the gym with Elaan just felt like hanging out with an old friend while you just so happened to be sweating and out of breath. Please check out her personal website, she has great training options, you’ll be able to choose one that fits your schedule and budget for sure.

So remembering what she had taught me and referring to a few at home workouts I had previously pinned, I began working out regularly in my sunroom after the kids were in bed.  After a couple weeks, I gave in and ordered a program that kept being advertised to me on Instagram, called BodyBoss. The program seemed very appealing to me right away. Workout for 24 mins, 3x a week. Sounds easy enough, right? And I may even have enough time to sit on the couch when I’m done!

I started the BodyBoss program and was really enjoying it, buuuut then I went to Mexico for spring break and well…the mojitos were just too damn good. I fully intended on visiting the gym on the resort that week but I guess I just couldn’t find it? Ha! I punished myself when we got back home by repeating an especially difficult week in the program, so it’s all good.

Now I rotate between exercises that I learned from Elaan, circuits I’ve found online, BodyBoss, yoga or TRX workouts. I definitely have realized I cannot always do the same workouts or circuits. I like to have a rotation of different types of exercises and intensities so that I am encouraged to actually follow through.

As far as equipment goes, I have zero fancy gym equipment at home. TRX is about as fancy as it gets. My favourite things to use are a kettle bell, mine is 15lbs, and I also really like using resistance bands, especially for leg workouts. (side note: my kids think they make great headbands!)

Working out at home has many benefits, it’s cheap, you don’t have to worry about working out in public, you don’t need to find a babysitter so you can make it to the gym however it is very easy to skip a home workout because your comfy couch or bed are just SO close and SO very tempting.

If you decide to take on this challenge, here’s my advice:

  • START SMALL. Don’t set out to workout everyday for an hour; that just isn’t an attainable goal. (think SMART goals)
  • Choose one part of your day to swap for 30 minutes of activity. Tell yourself there is no reason why you can’t dedicate 30 minutes of the 1440 minutes in a day to your fitness. Focus on how great you will feel after you’ve completed a workout. I am always dreading starting a workout, but by the time I’ve finished I am so glad I did it and really feel a sense of accomplishment, much like the satisfaction after cleaning up the aftermath of the tornado of toys the kids leave for me each day. (Not saying I clean it up each day, but when I do, it’s great).
  • Set up a space at home where you’ll enjoy working out. I love my sunroom, the windows and the natural light are great, plus if my kids are still awake, there’s plenty of room for them to play around me or I can still keep an eye on them as they watch a movie or play in the living room.
  • Get a couple free weights, a kettle bell or some resistance bands to start. The fitness section at Marshalls/Winners always has a great selection! While you’re there, buy yourself a workout outfit too!
  • Take to Pinterest and pin a couple at home circuits. You may want to find one for Arms, one for Core, and one for Legs, then rotate them through the week.

What types of things do you try to do stay off the couch? What’s your biggest motivator?


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