Our Little Oasis

For the past three summers my family has enjoyed our own slice of paradise at an RV and Trailer Resort just outside of the city called The Oasis. It is a private park, so no public access which is great. Being a teacher and having my summers off means we can be there a lot during the week which is when most people happen to be working so some days we are one of maybe 5 other families out on the beach. Can you imagine having your own personal beach for the summer? It’s GREAT!

Picture this…clean beach, hot sand, a little lake with a shallow side, complete with a floating dock over on the deep side. Oh and palapas! Can’t forget the palapas. On the really hot days it’s almost like being back in the Caribbean. Almost. The drinks aren’t included, and you have to get them yourself unless you can convince your husband or have trained your oldest child to fetch them for you. (…we’re still working on it.)



The shallow side of the beach is probably my favourite part because it is perfect for the little kids. The deepest water in the shallow end is about waist high for adults so you can walk and play in the water with your kids and not have to fully commit to getting completely wet, unless water guns are involved, which for us, there’s a 95% chance water guns will be involved. There are also two playgrounds in the park when you need a break from the beach life. One is right off the beach, so you could continue laying on the beach while the kids play at the park and the other park is just a short walk from the beach. Oh and there’s also a canteen which is a great option when you don’t feel like cooking; you don’t even have to leave the beach to feed the family! They offer the usual, hotdogs, fries, poutine, popsicles, candy, etc.


The park also hosts several events from May – September, when the weather is at its best. There are pancake breakfasts, concerts, outdoor movie nights, talent shows, 50/50 draws, fireworks, etc…to name a few! A favourite event for my kids would have to be Halloween. During the September long weekend, which for many families is their last weekend in the park, all the kids get to dress up like it’s Halloween and go around the park trick-or-treating to all the camp sites collecting as much candy as their little hearts desire!

Our campsite isn’t anything fancy but it is pretty awesome. We have a decked area outside our camper where we have our BBQ, patio tables and a fire pit area, as well as a shed to store all our beach toys and what not.  Parking is directly on our site as well so you don’t have to lug around bags or groceries from the car to your site. Our camper trailer itself is definitely not what you would call camping…rather “glamping”. The kids have their own room with bunks and a couch that folds out to a queen size bed, they even have a TV in their room to watch movies on rainy days. The “master bedroom” has a full queen size bed, tons of closet and storage space, a TV and a door to the outside so you don’t have to use the main entrance to the camper after the kids have gone to bed. The kitchen is great, an island with bar stools for 2, microwave, gas stove and oven, apartment size fridge and lots of storage. The main living space has a large leather couch which also magically transforms into another queen size bed, and a TV.

The Oasis is quite possibly the perfect summer-stay-cation destination for families. Going to our camper trailer is my kids’ absolute happy place. Whether it’s just for the day or for a few nights, they absolutely love it and are actually pretty well-behaved when we are there. We love hosting friends and family out for the day, and even encourage them to stay the night since the camper sleeps 9! The park is very family oriented so I always feel comfortable spending time there with the kids because I know they’re safe. Oh and the best part! It’s only 20 minutes away from our home. The proximity of the park to the city is great; if you’ve forgotten an ingredient for dinner or suddenly have more guests joining you, Sobeys is only 10 minutes away. You can even have pizza delivered right to the park!

I am definitely not an outdoorsy person, in fact my husband often refers to me as an “indoor cat”; I’m just not made for the outdoors. The mosquitos love me and find me ALWAYS, the humidity is just so hot and sticky and the water in the lake can be really cold sometimes! Growing up, we never went on camping trips; I think I can remember one trip where we camped a night in Jasper.  My mom and I both slept in our van while my dad and sister were the poor souls who had to sleep in the tent…on the ground. The Oasis is the best of both worlds; it’s like camping for indoor cats. haha! When you’ve had enough of all that Mother Nature has to offer outside, you can head on inside the camper and relax, read a book, watch a movie or some Netflix (we also have wifi in our camper).

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