Do you DIY? -YID (Yep, I Do!)

I guess I have always been a pretty crafty person. As a kid I can remember making my own Valentines, painting rocks, making friendship bracelets, even knew how to knit for a while there. My preferred projects these days range from crochet to home décor and accesories.

I remember the first night I discovered Pinterest…I was MIND.BLOWN. I don’t even think I slept at all that night. There I layed in bed pinning all kinds of projects and crafts I couldn’t wait to attempt. Pinterest is still my main source for tutorials or recipes and honestly, it’s never really disappointed! I thought I’d share a few of the projects I’ve done or attempted.

Herb Pots

This project was one that came about after I saw a picture of pots for an herb garden. My husband loves to cook and I had wanted to get him an indoor herb garden that he could have on hand for his birthday. I got all the supplies for this project from the dollar store with the exception of the letter stamps, those I ordered from Amazon.

**Here’s another quick plant pot I “made” the other day. I received an order from Lush and the box it came with was just too pretty to throw away! So I lined it with the shipping bag from another online purchase, reinforced the bottom of the box with some hardcore glue and here’s the result…I’m not totally sold on it, décor wise, but if you ever find yourself with a plant but without a pot to put it in, see if you have a box around. Just don’t forget to line it with plastic ‘cause…plants need water.


I was in UrbanBarn one day and had seen a doormat with the saying, “Doorbell broken, yell ding-dong really loud” and thought what better way to greet my guests at the door! Except, the price tag on it was a bit shocking. So I started thinking…ordered a doormat for $9.99 from and then using materials I already had on-hand I made a stencil using my Silhouette machine and used fabric paint to create my own.

Crib Bedding

When I was pregnant with my son approximately 6 years ago, I was having a hard time planning the baby’s room because I just didn’t like any of the bedding or décor in the stores and anything I did like was upwards of $500 which was just ridiculous. So I took to Pinterest and started looking at tutorials for making my own crib bedding. Next thing I knew, I had ordered fabric online and then spent a few late, late nights making it happen. I undertook the same project once again 3 years later when I was pregnant with #2. I kept the bedding neutral because I didn’t know what we were having both times.

Cushion Covers

This project was a special one. I can’t actually remember where the idea to make these came from but here’s what I did…I would design a cushion cover using the Silhouette Studio software. Then I cut a stencil of the design out of adhesive vinyl with my Silhouette and lastly painted on the design using fabric paint.

I say this was a special project of mine because this was the project that made me open an Etsy Shop. I was even a vendor at a local Etsy Sellers Market and sold quite a few cushion covers! Christmas shopping was virtually paid for that year!

Macrame Plant Hanger

Some things never go out of style…or maybe they do…but eventually things cycle back around, hence the macramé trend. I’ve recently acquired quite a few houseplants, (a post about that hobby another day) in our house we have a beautiful south facing sunroom and I just want to fill it up with plants! On a shopping trip to Marshalls one day I almost bought a macramé style plant hanger but then didn’t because I figured this was probably something I could make myself. So I ordered some cord from Amazon, found a tutorial via Pinterest and voila! Now I just have to convince my husband to let me drill a hole in the ceiling for a hook so I can hang it…wish me luck!

Crochet Floor Poof

This was a project that I started and stopped a few times. I finally buckled down and finished it as our house was closer to being complete. I would really like to make another one some day. Sounds like a good winter project I think! I used yarn for this one but I think maybe next time I’d like to try a type of cotton cording, something sturdier that will hold it’s shape better. But the kids really like rolling around and sitting on this one in the sunroom as they read books and play.

My next project is to make some floor cushions for the kids. I picked up a fun fabric from Ikea that has black and white doodles all over. I thought the kids could use washable fabric markers and colour them for fun. I’ll update you when it finally comes to fruition!

What are some DIY projects you’ve tried?

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