Back-to-School: Part 2 – Kindergarten Kid

I’d say it’s hard to believe my little boy is starting kindergarten in a couple weeks but as much as I hate to admit it, it’s not all that hard to believe. This guy is so ready for kindergarten, his parents on the other hand…not so much. September is looking to be a huge transitional time for our family!

We decided to send our kids to school in the French school division where they also have all day, every day kindergarten. My son went to pre-school the last 2 years which was only half-days either twice or three times a week. How does my son feel about being at school all day long? He can’t wait! He is SO excited to eat lunch at school. In our preschool years, I (or my mom) got to drop him off and pick him up, but now he will be bussed to school; another thing he can’t wait to do! He’s also pretty curious about the other kids that will be in his class and has asked me many times if it will be the first day of kindergarten for all the kids. He doesn’t want to be “the new kid” in class, so he’s glad it’s new for all the kids. He knows his teacher’s name, he wonders what he will learn about and he even seems keen on learning much, much more French.

First day of pre-school
His first day of Pre-School (3yo)

Sounds like this new kindergarten thing will be a breeze eh? I’m not so sure…there are literally a million and 1 worries that have been playing on repeat in my mind all summer. So many scenarios where he will need my help, but I won’t be there, or times when he’s frustrated and I can’t talk him through it…and the list goes on…seriously, here it is…(in no particular order)

  1. He will cry as soon as the bus leaves our street
  2. He will won’t be able to open the containers for his lunch and snack
  3. He will struggle too much with French and constantly be playing catch-up to the other kids
  4. He will ask other kids to play and they’ll say no
  5. He won’t be able to put his shoes or jacket on
  6. omg how will he get dressed when it’s winter??
  7. He will spill something from his lunch on his lap
  8. He won’t be able to get his pants down fast enough in the washroom
  9. He won’t like his teacher
  10. He will beg me everyday to stay home
  11. He won’t have any “nice” kids in his class that could become life-long friends
  12. He will become the target of ridicule to other kids
  13. He’ll miss the bus to come home
  14. He gets sick at school
  15. He cries
  16. He cries
  17. He cries

If you’re a mom, I’m sure you’re well aware that the “worry list” is an infinite one. For every worry there are at least 6 different variations to it. When you talk with other mom-friends about their worries you suddenly find yourself saying “omg, I didn’t even think of that!” thus your list continues to grow. I can worry myself sick, playing out every little scenario and how he may react in my mind but that would render me insane.  Instead, I keep reminding myself that my little boy has a history of far-surpassing and overcoming the challenges in his life so far, there is no reason he can’t and won’t succeed and love every minute of his new school life. I need to have a little more faith and trust that he will be FINE! I know he will, but damn, anxiety can get a real hold on me sometimes.

HE’LL BE FINE!! – My mantra for the next few weeks.


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