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The day after my daughter was born, was the day we finalized the plans to build our dream home. During construction we were living with my parents which was a huge help after just having a baby as well as a 3 year old. Having their help also allowed my husband to do a lot of the work on the house himself on top of contracting the build. We have now been moved in for a year and I have to say this house is a complete dream come true for me. I planned and pinned designs and décor ideas for 3 years before we even broke ground. I knew exactly what I wanted and I loved every minute of making it a reality.

Our weather this past month has been so. damn. cold. (we’ve even seen snow already!) so we’ve been spending a lot more time indoors all of a sudden so I thought I could share a few of my favourite features in the house.


I LOVE Christmas. In our previous house we didn’t have a fireplace, so when it came time to hang the Christmas stockings, I didn’t have anywhere to put them! I was devastated to say the least. So we knew our new home had to have a big-ass, Christmas-worthy fireplace! And IT DOES. When my husband walked into the fireplace store he said to the sales person, “My wife loves Christmas, so I’m going to need your biggest fireplace.” If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is! My husband did the stonework himself with some help from yours truly. The same stone will be featured on the outside of the house (one day) too.


In keeping with our modern, traditional, farmhouse feel going on in the house we designed these pillars as a major feature for the main floor. The beams themselves are not structurally necessary and the beam across the ceiling is actually drywalled and simply covered with wooden panels to achieve the look of an exposed ceiling beam. The wood was sourced and cut by a friend of ours at Creekside Log Products and was reclaimed from an old grain elevator in Morris, Manitoba. Cool eh?


We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and with our floor plan being open concept, a big island was a given. Our island is 8 feet long which gives room for 4 barstools. The counter is man-made quartz and I absolutely love it, especially the rough edge. We stayed “on trend” by choosing contrasting coloured cabinets and island cabinets and I am so happy we did!


I cannot express enough how much I love this couch. If you are looking for a new couch, go to Urban Barn! I went in there thinking I would just browse and get some ideas for furniture but would end up looking for something similar, cheaper, somewhere else but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could actually afford a custom sofa from them. The design is called The Berg, and it is 11ft x 11ft. I wanted a grey couch so I chose a fabric from the many, many swatches they have in store. What’s more? The couch was actually delivered EARLY. We had to store it in the middle of my parent’s house for 2 months before we moved into our house! The warranty from Urban Barn is also really impressive and comforting knowing I live with two children and a husband who is always covered in oil and leaving drill bits in his pockets. I also ordered the couch when Urban Barn was having a custom furniture promotion and was able to save 15%.


Our second floor is where we keep all the bedrooms. I don’t know about you but in our family, bedrooms are used for sleep. I LOVE my sleep…my kids are (usually) great sleepers too. Even when I’m on summer holidays, they seem to automatically just sleep-in. My son is usually up at 8am while my daughter sleeps in a little later, anywhere from 8:30-9:30am some days. And Yes, she still naps 2-3 hours in the afternoon as well. I know, I’m lucky. Hate me if you must. One thing I know for sure that helps my kids sleep is that their rooms are DARK. I can thank my indoor shutters for that. I ordered these custom shutters through Costco. They’re Hunter Douglas, and they are A-Mazing. I love how they look when they’re open, when they’re closed, when they’re peaking from behind the curtains…just love them! While the shutters alone don’t block the sunlight, when combined with blackout curtains, there’s no light shining through!

Ensuite Tile

I feel like little hearts spew out from my eyes whenever I look at this floor. Haha I first saw it in a show home about 2 years before we started building and took a picture of it immediately and then vowed to have it in my home one day. I love the colours, the patterns, the shape, everything about this tile is perfection. The only regret I have is that I didn’t put this in the front entrance as well. Damn you budgets!

Home is my happy place…thanks to these features but more importantly because of my family I share it with. I believe we all deserve to have a beautiful, welcoming space to call our own whether it’s an entire brand new home you were able to design yourself or a little nook in the living room where you’ve surrounded yourself with things that make you smile.



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