Homemade Ice Cream Cake

My son wanted an ice cream cake for his birthday. At first I tried convincing him to just go for a standard cake to no avail. So then I started brainstorming and researching ways to make it happen. Oh and obviously buying a Dairy Queen cake just wasn’t an option. Clearly I find life isn’t challenging enough so I take on taste such as this.


For past birthdays I’ve usually gone the fondant route when it comes to decorating. But I knew I didn’t even want to explore the idea of covering an ice cream cake in fondant so I settled for making a few fondant Mario characters to decorate the cake with. I also didn’t want to just do a plain old round or square cake so I thought, “how about an ice cream cake in the shape of a 6?”

I went back and forth thinking this was too daunting of a task, trying to find other inspiration all over Pinterest. But slowly I started to put together a plan for the cake that I thought just might actually work. I new the cake would need a crust, a base so easy solution? Ice cream sandwiches!

Then for the main “cake” part I remembered a Nutella Crunch Ice cream cake recipe I had pinned ages ago wanting to make for my husband one day. I’ve linked the recipe here. But basically:

  1. 2 cups of Nutella & 6 cups of Rice Crispies in a large pot on low heat to combine (you could also do this in the microwave in small increments)
  2. Once combined spread it out on a baking sheet and pop it in the freezer to firm up, not freeze completely.
  3. Meanwhile take the ice cream out to soften.
  4. After about 30-45 minutes in a large, large bowl begin combining the ice cream and Nutella Rice Crispies. (You’re going to want to break them up using a fork& knife)


Once I had this mixture made, I slapped it into the cake pans over top of the ice cream sandwich base and threw it back in the freezer.


The part I was most nervous for with this cake was forming it into a 6. I used two round springform pans and put a small ramekin in the centre to keep make two “donuts”. One pan was smaller than the other on purpose. The larger “donut” would be for the lower part of the number 6 and the smaller “donut” I would cut to make the “tail” of the 6, curving slightly at the top.img_0878

I had to work fast with this because well, it’s ice cream. I cut the smaller “donut” diagonally and then used pieces of the cut off chunk to join the two parts together, filling in gaps, ‘smooshing’ ice cream in until I was happy with the shape. Then back in the freezer it went!



For the fondant characters, I always head to Bulk Barn for my supplies. I buy the big container or Virgin fondant in white and then use gel food colouring to create whichever colours I need. Of course I went to Pinterest for my inspo on how to make the characters. One photo of a cake in particular served as my inspo for the entire project. The toughest was probably making a skin tone fondant. I used a small amount of the copper gel colouring and I think it turned out alright. Black and red are always the hardest colours to make if you ask me. Red just wants to be pink and black wants to be grey. By the time I’m done mixing all the colours of fondant my hands look like I work in a Crayola marker factory or something. But it washes off eventually.



For the icing I was looking for something on the lighter, not-so-sweet side so I found a recipe for Stabilized Whipped Cream icing. I’ve linked it here as well. I added a bit of teal gel colouring to the icing. I iced this cake the morning after a late night out…somewhat hung over, in the same clothes I wore the night before….#proudmoment
While at Bulk Barn I also bought a few different candies to add as decorations and to snack on while I worked of course.


My son was very happy with his cake! And I can’t believe I actually pulled it off though to be honest this was probably the easiest of all cakes I’ve made!

BONUS: No Recipe Cookie Pizza

Of course, the birthday boy also wanted a treat to bring to school. Obviously ice cream cake wouldn’t work and I really didn’t want to expend too much time on something complicated. So I remembered back to my birthday parties as a kid. I have never cared much for cake so my mom used to make me a giant cookie instead. So I picked up a package of Pillsbury pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough. I thought it would be fun to add some toppings to the “cookie pizza” so I bought a bag of mini Mars bars, mini marshmallows and some chocolate sauce. Sprinkles would have been an obvious topping as well, but for whatever reason my son doesn’t like them! Crushed smarties would add some nice colour too.

Three great things about this treat is that it doesn’t have to look “pretty”, it’s cheap and quick to prepare and my son would be able help! He loves helping in the kitchen.
Oh and did I mention it’s peanut-free?

My plan was to cut it pizza style so each kid could have a slice but it wasn’t quite big enough so I think next time I will combine two rolls of cookie dough so that it’s thicker and I can roll it out bigger too.

Needless to say, the container came home empty and my son said all the kids loved it!

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