Italian Giardiniera

A few weeks ago my husband and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Harth. One of the appetizers we had was Prosciutto which was served with a delicious mix of pickled chopped vegetables. So, so good.

Prosciutto di Parma at Harth Mozza and Wine Bar

Later that night I took to Pinterest to find a recipe and well, I succeeded! The recipe is so simple. You could easily add or omit veggies to your liking. My husband was saying we could have a batch of this in the fridge all summer long once the garden is growing. Can’t wait!

Our homemade version
  • Here is the link to the recipe I found and used. I doubled it. I suggest you do so because a single batch won’t be enough. Trust.
  • Ingredients: (…check the original link for measurements)
    • Red bell pepper
      Serrano peppers (omit if you don’t like it hot!)
      Whole peppercorn
      Red pepper flakes (could also leave out)
      Italian seasoning
      Celery seed (although I used celery salt)
      Olive oil
      White vinegar

    Chop all the veggies you’d like and place in a bowl and cover with water. Add salt to the bowl and stir. Let the veggies soak in the fridge overnight.

    Strain and rinse the veggie mix. Divide into jars or containers. Add the seasoning.

    Mix oil and vinegar and pour over veggies just until covered.

    We waited 3 days until we cracked open a jar. Everything was a crunchy, spicy, sour deliciousness!

    Keep refrigerated.

    We ate ours from a bowl with a spoon but definitely have plans to enjoy it this weekend alongside some charcuterie. Prosciutto, baguette, cheese and wine. Lots of wine.

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