Italian Giardiniera

A few weeks ago my husband and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Harth. One of the appetizers we had was Prosciutto which was served with a delicious mix of pickled chopped vegetables. So, so good. Prosciutto di Parma at Harth Mozza and Wine BarLater that night I took to Pinterest... Continue Reading →

Homemade Ice Cream Cake

My son wanted an ice cream cake for his birthday. At first I tried convincing him to just go for a standard cake to no avail. So then I started brainstorming and researching ways to make it happen. Oh and obviously buying a Dairy Queen cake just wasn't an option. Clearly I find life isn't... Continue Reading →

Birthday Party Planning

My son turns 6 this month and like most 5 year olds he has been counting down the days and planning his party for months. For his past birthday celebrations we just have our family over, sometimes some close friends and eat lots of food and treats. This year, my son has decided that this... Continue Reading →

Home Favourites

The day after my daughter was born, was the day we finalized the plans to build our dream home. During construction we were living with my parents which was a huge help after just having a baby as well as a 3 year old. Having their help also allowed my husband to do a lot... Continue Reading →

Self-care: not just a trending hashtag

So I realize writing a post about self-care is a pretty cliché topic these days, my apologies. It's a trending buzz-word for a reason though! I guess we have those young new-millennials to thank for it? Really though, if their generation wasn't so fixated on instant gratification and well, themselves and then posting their every... Continue Reading →

Back-to-school: Part 1 of 3

Back-to-school is a time I've been pretty 50/50 on the last few years but this year I'm feeling more 10/90 (90 being the part of me that is dreading going back). Being a teacher, it means going back to work, as a mom it means my oldest starting kindergarten and also not getting to spend... Continue Reading →

Do you DIY? -YID (Yep, I Do!)

I guess I have always been a pretty crafty person. As a kid I can remember making my own Valentines, painting rocks, making friendship bracelets, even knew how to knit for a while there. My preferred projects these days range from crochet to home décor and accesories. I remember the first night I discovered Pinterest…I... Continue Reading →

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